Origin: Italy / Puglia
Genre: Folk/ World/Mediterranean music
Since 1996

A long-standing and intriguing band in the Italian panorama of world ‘n folk music.
Radicanto have always aimed at interpreting creatively the traditional music from southern Italy. Their purpose has led them into a journey through yesterday and today’s music to give birth to something truly unique, distinctive and engrossing.
Over the years the band has boosted their “Mediterranean” flair, so embarking on a trail of research and smoothly-oriented creation of musical connections on material that ranges from traditional songs to a diverse set of folk standards up to self-penned contemporary folk numbers.
Radicanto have a 25-year history of gigs performed in theatres and open stages in various countries and boast superlative collaborations both alive and on records with some of the top t Italian songwriters and traditional & folk singers, such as Teresa De Sio, Raiz (former Almamegretta lead vocal), Lucilla Galeazzi, Pino De Vittorio, but also with great personalities of drama and culture (Dario Fo and Roberto Saviano). In 2012 and 2014 they were included in the top ten of the prestigious World Music Chart Europe.
Abroad they represented Italy at “Lausanne Music Festival” in Switzerland (2005); “Italia Underground, Italian film festival” in Romania (2008); “Mediterranean countries festival”, Vittoriano in Rome; “Russian Art Festival” in Moscow in Russia (2010); “Müpa Palace of Arts in Budapest” in Hungary; “Italian Culture Week” in Szczecin in Poland (2016 and 2018), the celebrations of the Italian Republic Day hosted by the Italian Institute of Culture in Tel Aviv and later in Jerusalem in Israel (2017).

Website: www.radicanto.it


1999 – Echi di Gente (autoproduzione)
2001 – Terra arsa (CNI)
2002 – Lettere migranti (CNI)
2003 – La casa delle donne (CNI)
2005 – La corsa (CNI/Coccodrillo/Venus)
2008 – Il mondo alla rovescia (III Millennio)
2011 – Bellavia (III Millennio/Edel)

2012 – Casa – con Raiz (Arealive/Edel, con il sostegno di Puglia Sounds)
2014 – Oltremare (Arealive/C.N.I. e con il sostegno di Puglia Sounds)
2016 – Memorie di sale (Arealive/Icompany, con il sostegno di Puglia Sounds)
2018 – Neshama – con Raiz (Arealive/Icompany, con il sostegno di Puglia Sounds)
2019 – Le indie di quaggiù (Arealive con il contributo di Puglia Sounds)

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Radicanto 'Le Indie di Quaggiù'

Radicanto bring on stage their last album. It’s a musical journey through the traditions of Southern Italy, performing folk and songwriting songs that mix Mediterranean sounds and styles. The musicians are influenced by these traditions and perform non-conventional songs and chants on love and motherhood, struggle and freedom, religion and rituals. In their repertoire Radicanto sing tracks by famous songwriters such as Matteo Salvatore, Modugno, Alfio Antico and also adaptations of songs by Giuseppe De Trizio and Raiz.
Their performance is a celebration of rythm, melody and historical memory that has an exceptional impact on audience.

Line up: Giuseppe De Trizio: guitars, Adolfo La Volpe: oud, bass guitar, guitars, Francesco De Palma: percussions

Raiz & Radicanto 'Neshama'

Neshama originated from connecting the sound universe of Raiz (lead voice of the Almamegretta) and Radicanto, a relationship consolidated over years of joined tours and recordings. Sephardic cantigas, Neapolitan song, North African, Middle Eastern and Asian rhythms: an imaginary mestizo music from the Mediterranean area. A powerful, joyful and refined concert.

Line up:
Raiz: voices, Giuseppe De Trizio: guitars, Adolfo La Volpe: oud, bass guitar, guitars, Francesco De Palma: drums and percussions

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